Hi:) My name is Lena. Welcome to my homepage. Here you can read about me and see my pictures.

I live in Russia (Kaliningrad), its situated on the Baltic sea. Im 4th year university student and I study tourism and service. I dont know yet what am I going to do in life after I finish it. Probably itll be connected somehow with what I study now, but probably not.


In my spare time which I have enough (its not very difficult to study in the university on my faculty, and I dont spend much time there) I love to read (mostly psychology books about people relationships), spend time in internet, go to movie, go to gym and go to discos. I love to dance. Also I like to learn foreign languages, but lately I dont find much time for this.


I love to travel. I havent visit many countries yet, but most of all I like Sweden. First time I visited this country past winter (January 2002). I have been to Malmo and Ystad. It is very nice there, almost like fairy-tale. Ystad is very small, nice, old town on the Baltic sea. It used to be Denmark there, and Ystad was Danish town. Malmo is also very nice, its not very big but its the third largest town in Sweden.

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